Approved Hearing Aids

Note: Chargers are included with any rechargeable hearing aids on the approved list.

*Both the CROS/BICROS device and the hearing aid ordered with it are subject to cost participation.


Audeo 70/50 (All Styles including Marvel)

Bolero 70/50 (All Styles)

Cros (All Styles)*

Naida 70/50 (All Styles)

Sky 70/50 (All Styles Including Marvel)

Virto 70/50 (All Styles)

Oticon Pediatrics

Alta2 (All styles)

Alta2 Pro (All styles)


Nera2 (All Styles)

Nera2 Pro (All Styles)

Opn 2 or 3 (All Styles)

Opn Play 1 (All Styles) *Standard Battery Only

Opn Play 2 (All Styles)

Opn S 2 or 3 (All Styles)

Ria 2 (All Styles)

Ria2 Pro (All styles)

Sensei (All Styles)

Sensei Pro (All Styles)

​Xceed 1, 2, or 3 (All Styles)

Xceed Play 1 or 2 (All Styles)


ENZO Quattro (5) Rechargeable/Standard

ENZO2 (7, 5)

Enzo3D (7, 5)

LINX (7, 5)

LINX 2 (7, 5)

LINX 3D (7, 5)

LINX Quattro (5) Rechargeable/Standard

Up Smart (7, 5)

Oticon Medical

Ponto 3 (All Styles)

Ponto 4

Ponto Plus (All Styles)

Ponto Pro (All Styles)


Baha 5

Baha 5 Power